Cross-Build Prerequisites For building our own 64-bit kernel fom scratch using the Raspberry Pi Foundation repository, a couple of dependencies are needed. You may however use the mainline kernel though i haven’t tried to use it. 18/10/13: Procedure for compiling the mainline kernel is the same for raspberry pi foundation except that mainline kernel doesn't create an overlays folder. For ...
  • The other hard drive sdb is 270GB and had Ubuntu installed . sdb has Grub installed also. I decided to install Arch and go triple boot . I followed roughly this installation without the part where the guy installs grub. I chose that after installing arch i will go to Ubuntu and update my grub with

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    Using the initial RAM disk (initrd)¶. Written 1996,2000 by Werner Almesberger <[email protected]> and Hans Lermen <[email protected]>.

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    Apr 18, 2014 · Ubuntu upgrade and Boot Repair Tool So I decided to upgrade my Ubuntu installation to 14.04 LTS from 13.10. During the update, the installation complained that the grub had been replaced by either me or some script, and prompted whether to keep my changed version or accept the unedited version of Ubuntu 14.04.

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    Boot into Linux Mint or Ubuntu. 16. Open a Terminal window. 17. Type the following command: sudo update-grub. 18. Press [Enter]. 19. Type the following command: sudo grub-install /dev/sda. 20. Press [Enter]. 21. Close the Terminal. This solution fixed my problem and hopefully, it will also fix your problem.

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